Animal Portfolio


The Clockmaker was a sketch I did before work one day. My idea was that around the 1800's, in some london inventor's shop, there was a little mouse who would sneak through the piles of cogs and scraps and metal and take little bits back to his hole to build his own tiny contraptions. His prised creation is a golden pocketwatch, which he guards carefully.


Captain Whitefeather was inspired by the age of exploration. A ship's captain has been searching through piles of maps and books, scribbling notes and finding clues to a mysterious treasure. So far, he has not been sucessful. Now, frustrated yet determined, he sits in the cabin of his ship and contemplates his next move.


Billy the Kid is a double pun! The bandit goat has recently taken over a small town, unafraid of the local sherrif. His gang has driven most people out of town. The hotel is boarded up, the trading post has been robbed, and the saloon is... well the saloon's doing just fine. It's the old west, after all!


One giant leap was inspired by the space race. The main kangaroo, already a high bouncer, is having fun in low gravity, while his partner (the more serious of the two) is collecting space rocks to bring back for analysis. Though they are part of the American space program, both are originally from Australia, and remember it fondly as the earth rotates above their heads.


Maximouse is a roman based piece. In the colosseum, a tiny mouse is thrown into the arena with a ferocious lion gladiator. Crowds of cats cheer for the mouse's demise, while some don't want to see what happens next. The caesar luxuriates on his couch while his servant watches the games with a wicked smile. But the mouse is quick, and may just prove a worth opponent for the lumbering lion!


The Foxhole is also a pun! Two fox soldiers sit in the poorly constructed hole, ragged and tired, while the battle rages outside. One is injured, and takes a swig from his canteen to help the pain. The other thinks of home. The time period for this battle is World War 2, though it doesn't represent any particular battle.


The Tomb is sort of Indiana Jones and egyptian history combined. The curious egyptian fennec fox searches the tomb for treasure and finds gold beyond his wildest dreams! But he has forgotten about the legends that say a giant beast guards the tomb and munches down anyone who dares to enter. Sure enough, in the shadows lies a massive, coiled cobra! But the egyptian fox is armed with a curved dagger... can he escape? 


The Wright Penguins is inspired by the wright brother's first flight! These two penguins are flightless (GET IT?), so they decide to build their own flying machine. After taking a running leap off a glacier, Wilbur sails through the air while Orville cheers.


The Sorcerer was inspired by the old wizards and villains in grimm tales and king Arthur legends. This slimy toad huddles around a pot of bubbling ooze and sprinkles in a special ingredient as he casts a spell that is probably bad news!


Highland Animals is inspired by playing dungeons and dragons with my friends and watching braveheart! Somewhere in Scotland, this band of animals has joined together to take on an evil threat. Each has weapons and armor that correspond to its abilities. The bear charges, swinging with his heavy battleaxe, while the owl flies overhead, raining down blasts of magic! The squirrel fires arrows from the treetops, the rabbit sneaks behind the enemy on padded feet, and the fox quickly slices through foes!



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